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How to Move Business to Sri Lanka

How to Move Business to Sri Lanka

Asset.Digital is a leading Digital Asset Management and web marketing company from the UK. In 2017, the company moved its research and development (R&D) operations from London to Kuliyapitiya in the North Western province of Sri Lanka. It is rare for a European company to establish its presence away from the crowded capital of Colombo. Typically, the branches of European companies are located in the capital city due to the lack of appropriate human resources outside of the capital. This blog post is a brief story about moving our business to Sri Lanka.

Moving Business to Sri Lanka

For services, especially companies specialised in the management of digital assets, access to a qualified workforce is imperative. The literacy rates in Sri Lanka are higher than in any other South Asian country. In Sri Lanka there are many universities in major cities, including Colombo, Peradeniya, Jayawardanapura, Jaffna, and Wayamba University in Kuliyapitiya. There are a lot of facilities for people. Universities, technical colleges, government hospitals, the electricity board, police stations, post offices, schools, bus depots and all other main services are located there. Our R&D branch of Asset.Digital is based in Kuliyapitiya, where these facilities are also situated.


Asset.Digital steps ahead of the crowd of other foreign companies in Sri Lanka

Asset.Digital are pioneers in the way the company engages with the local community. The company makes good use of the opportunities available to them in Sri Lanka. Currently, the company employs over fifteen people in its Sri Lankan office. The team consists of programmers and marketers educated locally in Kuliyapitiya, as well as in London. Asset Digital specialists are fluent in technologies such as PHP, WordPress, Yii2, web development, SEO, front-end design and marketing. The demand for the services of Asset.Digital continue to grow – and as a result, the company continues to recruit locally. The working environment is very different from other companies.


The public infrastructure improved quickly in Kuliyapitiya

A few years ago, running a digital asset management company would have been difficult in Kuliyapitiya due to the lack of suitable infrastructure. Fortunately, things quickly changed for the better. The locals benefit from this change by getting access to more of the so-called ‘white collar’ jobs.


Asset.Digital creates local office jobs

Since the arrival of Asset.Digital to Kuliyapitiya, local graduates no longer need to commute to work in the capital city. Asset.Digital considers the skills acquired by them from the local colleges and the university as the prerequisite skills for joining our team. Comprehensive training is provided to fill any knowledge gaps. The management team believes that the service provided by the company can only be as good as their people. For this reason, Asset.Digital regularly trains their team on how to effectively utilise contemporary web technologies.


We feel responsible for the local community

Asset.Digital is a social enterprise inspired by the success of Scandinavian businesses such as IKEA. As a business, we are set for commercial success. Nevertheless, Asset.Digital believes that the company can only accomplish their commercial aims in Sri Lanka by establishing the right balance between the value the firm gains from, and the value it returns to, the local community. For more interesting information about Asset.Digital in Sri Lanka, visit our Web Development London website today.