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Effective photographer’s digital marketing campaign: how a video production company successfully diversified its offering

This is a story about an effective photographer’s digital marketing campaign. Epsom Media is a professional photography and video production firm. The company has operated in the South East of England since 2005.  Most of its orders come from private clients. Those clients are in need of a professional photographer for weddings and private events. The wedding photography is a seasonal business, because weddings tend to happen in the summer. There are times in the year, mostly in June, July and August, that wedding photographers are particularly busy. But when it comes to winter, very few people plan their marriage. So, the photographers have to look for alternative ways of making money.


Effective photographer’s digital marketing campaign

Epsom Media has asked Asset.Digital for help in transforming their business. They wanted to move away from being heavily reliant on the seasonal wedding photography orders. Instead, they aimed to create demand for their services throughout the year. In order to help them, we conducted a detailed marketing research project about the trends in this market. We researched people’s opinions about photography as a service in order to develop the best solutions. The data produced by this research has helped Web Development London company Asset.Digital design a new and effective strategy for Epsom Media. Our partnership served as a basis for the development of a new digital infrastructure. This was designed to deliver what was required by the company.


Epsom Media diversified its offering by proper segmentation and targeting

Our partnership has helped Epsom Media to successfully diversify their offering. We supported them in monetising the variety of segments open in the commercial photography sector. We developed a digital infrastructure to help them to not only reach a greater number of people who search for the photography services in the Greater London area, but also to promote exactly the kind of service that is offered by Epsom Media.

If you, like Epsom Media, also operate in the commercial photography and video recording business and would like to hear more about the effective photographers’ digital marketing campaign, please don’t hesitate in contacting us to discuss how we can help you.