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The story of how a Brazilian business sells to UK directly with the help of Asset.Digital

Read this post if you want to know how a Brazilian business sells to UK customers directly. This is achieved using digital assets developed for them by Asset.Digital. Ocaporanga is a bed and breakfast establishment in Rio de Janeiro and it specialises in offering tranquil city holiday experiences in Brazil. The company is located in the suburbs of the city. For this reason, most of their customers can only find out about them from an online search. With the arrival of Airbnb and other price comparison sites, Ocaporanga became dependent on customers that come from those sites. The company literally lost control over its prices and their business standards, along with their profit margins. One key reason for this is the pressure placed on them by price comparison sites.


How Brazilian business sells to UK directly

Rio de Janeiro is recognised internationally and locally as a holiday destination. Many British residents travel there, because they want a sunny climate for their vacation. Due to the Brazilian Internet becoming saturated with holiday offers and deals, targeting local customers became increasingly difficult. Ocaporanga wanted to receive more customers from Britain, but without the need of using price comparison sites. They also wanted to avoid using travel agents that dictate the price levels.

In order to achieve the business independence required by them and be able to attract British customers to their Brazilian business, the managers asked the Web Development London company Asset.Digital to partner with them. This partnership involves establishing presence and branding on the British Internet. We helped them to understand the nature of the British market. We also researched the needs of the British consumer, because this helped us develop the right solutions. Also, we designed an effective marketing strategy for them in the UK. We developed the digital infrastructure which is necessary for the promotion of their business in the English language.

If you are like Ocaporanga and want to know how Brazilian business sells to UK directly, and feel that the partnership with Asset.Digital can benefit your company, please talk to us.