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How a logistics company gets contracts in Europe

This is a story about how a logistics company gets contracts in Europe. BrasTrans Mercosul is a logistics company based in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The company runs a fleet of nearly 30 HGVs. They specialise in deliveries from the local seaport to locations in Brazil and Mercosul. The competitive advantage, in the form of service specialisation, is an important aspect of any logistics business.  The arrival of the online freight markets has hit BrasTrans Mercosul hard by depressing the market prices for road freight services. Without contracts and first-hand access to orders from the 3PL companies and manufacturers, BrasTrans Mercosul would struggle to survive. The situation of BrasTrans Mercosul became even more difficult because of the slowdown of the Brazilian economy. As a result, looking abroad for new contracts was the only way the company could sustain its size or grow further.


How a logistics company gets contracts in Europe

With the help of Asset.Digital, BrasTrans Mercosul established a virtual presence in the UK. BrasTrans Mercosul offers comprehensive logistics solutions to UK businesses. These include shipping and customs clearance services. Asset.Digital advised BrasTrans Mercosul about the possible marketing channels to enter the UK market. In addition, Asset.Digital helped to create the necessary digital infrastructure for such a complicated international market entry. Due to the partnership with Asset.Digital,  the company now specialises in servicing the European exporters to Brazil. BrasTrans Mercosul has therefore built a good reputation in Europe as a reliable Shipping Brazil company.

BrasTrans Mercosul has therefore benefited from partnering with Web Development London company Asset.Digital. This partnership has allowed them to move into the UK market quickly. All this happened at the time of Brexit negotiations,  therefore the British economy needs to export to more non-EU markets. As a result of this partnership, Asset.Digital proved to be useful not only as a source of the digital expertise, but also as a communication bridge for the logistics companies located in the UK, EU and Brazil.

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