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How a Polish road freight company entered the UK market with the help of Asset.Digital

Acus Transport specialises in European express road freight deliveries. The company has a fleet of over 40 vehicles covering the entire European Union, including Great Britain. Although it is easy for logistics companies such as Acus to deliver goods to Britain, it is much harder to get the return cargo from Britain to the European Union. Due to the imbalance between the tonnage delivered to Britain and collected from Britain, the service of Acus cost more than it should. The cost of delivery had to include the empty runs. This Polish road freight company entered the UK market – and began to turn a profit – with the help of Asset.Digital.


The ‘choice of partners’ dilemma

There were two possible solutions to Acus’ problem. The most practical one was to enter a partnership with an established British logistics company that will guarantee Acus the return deliveries. This kind of relationship between logistics companies is common practice. However, the companies that control the local market often abuse their market position. They therefore force their subcontractors to deliver for them at prices that are below the cost of transportation levels. Acus wanted to avoid this option because it did not suit their business model.


This Polish road freight company entered UK market

The ideal solution became possible to Acus when they agreed to work in partnership with Asset.Digital. In order to solve Acus’ problem, Asset Digital developed a modern digital plan which targets potential customers who are based in the UK. With the help of Asset Digital, Acus can now access the UK market with its services directly. Moreover, they can charge market prices for their services, and deliver the service according to their own high standards. As a result, their profits have improved and their service has grown.

The evidence of how effective we are as a partner of Acus is available from the Road Freight Companies Marketing post on this website. This is especially relevant to companies who want to improve their own market offerings.

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