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How removal companies can scale up their operations with the help of a digital asset management firm

This is an example of how removal companies can scale up their operations by partnering with a digital asset management firm. ABC Removals are a London based moving service. They are a family-run team offering affordable home and business moves. In 2015, the company suffered from an unfavorable ratio between the high fixed costs and the net profit. Due to an increase in competition, the company experienced lower demand for their services. So, the company needed to radically adjust their strategy to the new market reality.


How removal companies can scale up their operations

The first option available to ABC Removals was to scale down their operations. Then they could focus on serving local customers in their native London Borough of Haringey. This would cut the cost of services, due to shorter journeys to the customer, and improve the profit margins. Overall, this kind of change in business strategy would make the company smaller in terms of their working capital. It would also make it harder for the company to scale up their operations in the future without debt or venture capital investment.

The second option considered by ABC Removals was to partner with Asset.Digital.  They opted for outsourcing the responsibility of digital marketing. With the help of Asset.Digital, they gained access to a wider customer base. Because of this, they grew the awareness of their brand in other parts of London. The effect of this partnership has had an immediate positive effect on their financial performance. Finally, it led to the growth of the company and its assets. Unlike their London competitors, the management of ABC Removals decided to partner with Asset.Digital. For evidence of how effective our campaign for removal companies is, please check the post titled Marketing For Removal Companies on this website.

If you are a service company and would like to know more about how removal companies can scale up their operations – or feel that Asset.Digital might be able to help you in the way we’ve helped the company described in this article – please contact us.