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Road Freight Companies Marketing – an example of successful foreign market entry

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Background: Road Freight Company Marketing

How wordpress website development London helped Road Freight company from Western Poland. Acus – the express road freight company – currently employs over 40 drivers and 8 multilingual office staff to serve their customers. More importantly, they offer their service in their native Poland, in the UK and in the rest of the European Union. Acus approached Asset.Digital for help with their road freight company marketing, and asked us to develop a new brand for them. In fact, they aimed to establish their presence in the UK. By doing so, they wanted to increase the number of orders they receive directly from the UK customers. In addition to that, they wanted to reduce the number of empty runs.


What have we achieved for Acus?

Asset.Digital created a new UK company, developed a brand and built a new website for Acus. We structured the website according to the characteristics of their target market. We also segmented the express road freight service and assigned new webpages to each of these new segments. This optimised them for traffic (visits from customers) from people relevant to the Acus brand.


The evidence

Click on the links below to view the International Movers website we developed for Acus. We optimised it for the commercially attractive search queries in


Western Europe

Central Europe



Road Freight Companies Marketing Solutions Offered by Asset.Digital

The cooperation between Acus and Asset.Digital has transformed the partnership. We took a journey together from the initial single order for the website development, to the strategically partnership we have today. The alliance between the two companies made Acus the leading provider of European removals in the UK. For more information about our service, please visit the homepage of our wordpress website development London website.



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