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We built a fully comprehensive tool for managing the road freight company 

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Asset Digital sought to improve Euroopa Ekspress OÜ’s efficiency by building an advanced online-based order management system and mobile application for drivers. We designed a system to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and provide an exceptional customer experience. Let’s delve into the features and tools that made this system a game-changer for Euroopa Ekspress OÜ’s logistics managers.

A user-friendly dashboard at the core of the order management system offers a centralised hub for logistics managers to oversee and control all aspects of freight operations and customs clearance. The dashboard provides real-time visibility into incoming leads and orders, allowing managers to allocate resources efficiently and plan routes effectively. With just a few clicks, managers can access comprehensive order details, such as pickup and delivery locations, shipment specifications, and customer preferences.

The single messaging platform for exchanging information between the driver, customs agent, the logistics office and the client

The system includes a messaging module that connects logistics managers with drivers and customers. Through this module, managers could instantly relay important instructions, updates, and notifications to ensure smooth coordination throughout transportation. Similarly, drivers could provide real-time updates on their progress, enabling managers to address any potential delays or issues proactively.

One of the standout features of this order management system is its integrated tracking tool. Using advanced GPS technology, logistics managers can monitor the precise location of each shipment in real-time. It provides customers peace of mind and allows managers to optimise routes and proactively manage unforeseen circumstances.

Small business web development - marketing for London removals

Invoices, customs forms and orders are automatically generated in PDF

Small business web development - marketing for London removals
To enhance efficiency and minimise manual errors, the system generates documentation automatically. Logistics managers can create and send invoices and other necessary paperwork with just a few clicks through this component. This saves time and ensures accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Additionally, the order management system incorporates powerful analytics and reporting tools. Managers can access detailed performance metrics, such as delivery times, driver productivity, and customer satisfaction ratings. These insights enable data-driven decision-making, helping managers identify areas for improvement, optimise operations, and drive overall business growth.

The online-based order management system we created for Euroopa Ekspress OÜ’s has improved the company’s profits by offering enhanced productivity and competitive advantage through a unique customer experience. From the user-friendly dashboard to the messaging module, integrated tracking, automated document generation, and powerful analytics, logistics managers at Euroopa Ekspress OÜ are equipped with the tools to streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive the company’s success in the competitive logistics industry.


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